Where it all Started

No. I didn’t start this blog because I had a passion for writing. If there’s anything I value the most though; my books, my exercise books, note books, diaries, just anything I’ve scribbled on. I was one of the best composition writers in my class in primary school. By best I mean we’d score a … More Where it all Started

Guilty Pleasures

I have a maximum of 20 minutes to quickly put up this post. My friend is picking me up in an hour and I haven’t even thought of what to wear to these posh social gatherings. I’m riding on her date since whomever she is going to see would like to discuss farming and I’m … More Guilty Pleasures

Born a Crime

I am still roaming the streets of South Africa. I happen to be writing this from the hood, life was getting cheesy then all of a sudden the hard disk and the entire computer was destroyed. How did it even affect my productivity at work today? Just one of those lazy Friday afternoons in the … More Born a Crime

حب hubun

If Love is meant to be a beautiful thing, why then do we suffer while at it? Everywhere I go, no one in this era believes in marriage or a real working relationship. I might be an exception but you won’t understand my reasons. The love I live for is that where I give all … More حب hubun


I have just landed from Zimbabwe! Pheeeeeew! I had waited so long to come back home. Zim wasn’t what I expected. There are some novels that tell a great story with a happy ending but there are others that leave us in distress. ‘‘The hairdresser of harare’ has been on my bucket list for the … More Hangover


If I said I made it through the year because I didn’t snooze, would you doubt me?   I woke up almost every morning and hit the road, first a morning ritual; a 15 minutes run and a tummy trim workout (the tummy is still hanging on, smh) but I’m not about that life of … More Mrembo

Taking Stock 2016

Making: Memories with my loved ones. It’s been a rough year for my family, I just want to be around them; encourage and comfort each other. Also making more and more beautiful memories with my new colleagues and friends. Thanking: God for landing me in the Public Relations industry, I can proudly refer to myself … More Taking Stock 2016