Taking Stock; May-June 2018


Creating : meaningful content for our next quarterly project e-newsletter.
Cooking : Managu in coconut cream, dry fried beef & Ugali.
Drinking : The dawa concoction, ideal voice recovery strategy after a fun-filled long weekend.
Reading: Currently on Big Girl by Danielle Steel, just bought my next read as well; eat-pray-love by Elizabeth Gilbert.
Wanting: To go on a solo mini-vacation. Seems like an interesting thing to do!
Looking: For peaceful relationships, been on a roller coaster of all sorts of emotions since the year began.
Playing: Wonderful Wonder by Nathaniel Bassey and Lovesong
Deciding: On whether to fix my TV or not. I feel like it’s costing too much yet I have more meaningful priorities but since my sister moved out, the house is getting colder, more boring and quieter by the day. Somebody send me something 😉
Wishing: I had fulfilled my 27th year birthday wish. Looking forward to a successful 28th though.
Enjoying: Working with scholars and attending live music events, loved the Rick Ross and Choma na Ngoma music concerts.
Waiting: For Power Season 5! Three weeks to go.
Liking: My new house! Recently moved in to a new apartment and I love it. So many things have changed, feels like this will be my little comfort corner for quite sometime.
Wondering: Why people don’t ever feel the importance of apologizing.
Loving: The person I’m becoming.
Considering: Taking an online writing class. I really feel the need to perfect my professional writing skills.
Watching: The Oath, TV series. It explores “a world of gangs” made up of those sworn to protect and defend and sheds light on corrupt and secret societies that are nearly impossible to join. Only a selected few make the cut but once inside, members will do what they must to protect one another from enemies on the outside and from within their own ranks.
Hoping: To get better at what I do as each day dawns.
Marvelling: At the good things the Lord has done for my family, friends and I. 2018 is our year for sure. I declare it.
Needing: A new phone. My little Samsung is a bit overwhelmed with my increasing daily activities that claim it’s every bit.
Smelling: Amber & Argan lotion from bath & body works. A birthday gift from Sly 🙂
Wearing: A maroon body-con skirt & black and white chiffon top.
Following: Young African Leaders Initiative posts. Looking out for the Mandela Washington Fellowship 2019 application opening dates. I didn’t make it to the 2018 fellowship 😦
Noticing: …and doing away with toxic friendships. Never allow yourself to get drained by a friendship/relationship. That thing is dangerous!
Knowing: that God is my friend is enough!
Thinking: of a friend I recently ghosted because of trust issues and they never bothered to find out why. Sometimes all you’ve got to do is be the first person to walk away, most of the time the other person is the betrayer and doesn’t feel anything about losing the friendship.
Buying: A new bed 🙂 Oh I can’t wait to see it in my room!
Getting: high on the delamere chocolate chip yogurt. Can’t get enough of it.
Bookmarking: Relationship stories. I have become a sucker for love stories, both amazing and gone bad.
Giggling : over some stupid joke I’ve just come across on twitter.

Feeling : very disturbed by the Moi Girls rape ordeal. We should be on our knees for our children in boarding schools, these are horror stories 😦
Thanking: God for the friends that have been real with me and made me better at seeing my mistakes as stepping-stones to a brighter future.
Grateful: For family! Always and Forever.
Wishing : We’d  fast track the birth of Kitchen & Bathroom Elegance.
Praying: For wisdom & peace of mind. Nothing surpasses the joy one feels when they are at peace with themselves.

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